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In 2016 See Spot Run released their fifth album “Pretty Holiday” and, shortly following that, a video to go with their first single “Burning Down the House”; which was originally recorded by Talking Heads. In support of the album they continue to tour tirelessly across the country showcasing their vibrant stage presence and personality to new fans everywhere.


See Spot Run’s hit song “Weightless” certified them as a top Canadian band. The song was confirmed by BDS as being "the highest charted independent song on the rock chart since the inception of BDS”. This made them the first indie rock band to break the top 10.


See Spot Run has also toured in the USA. Recently they headlined a concert in Orlando Florida. On one occasion, See Spot Run opened for Bon Jovi in front of 20,000 people and shortly after for Stone Temple Pilots and Our Lady Peace.


See Spot Run is a truly Canadian band being formed in Montreal by Québec natives Chris Brodbeck and Randy Bowen . Also in See Spot Run are David Fudge (drummer) and Aaron Little (guitar) both from Mississauga. Currently, the band is based in Toronto.


The band has toured Canada many times, performing in all of the major cities, but also playing in some of the smallest and more remote. From Vancouver, BC to Harbour Grace, Newfoundland and all points in between See Spot Run has built a strong following, while truly seeing their country.


They were thrilled to sing the anthem for a Toronto Raptors game and perform at the pre-game warm up for the Buffalo Bills. Weightless was played during the ceremony to retire Wayne Gretzky’s number.


The Canadian Association of Broadcasters gave See Spot Run the "Breakout Single of The Year Award". Wire Magazine gave them the "Concert of the Year Award" shortly after.


The band has created and released music in both French & English. “Super-heros sous peu” was the first CD released in French and contains both of the band’s previous Top 10 hits, Decoller and Terrifié.


A See Spot Run song was featured on the Canadian/American hit TV series Degrassi, The Next Generation. The episode featuring the song was aired on the N Network in the USA and on the CTV Network in Canada. The song was also used by Degrassi on vSide with a virtual world rendition of the Degrassi coffee house “The Dot”.


See Spot Run has had 5 videos on Much Music and has appeared and played on some MuchMusic shows as well as Canada AM, Breakfast Television and many other similar shows across Canada.

Chris Brodbeck - Vocals + Bass

Chris’ dream of rock stardom began in grade 4 when he started his first band - a lip-syncing project called ‘The Fake’. After seeing his camp counselor serenade all the girls, it was time to buy a guitar and take lessons. Chris is an original member of See Spot Run, forming the band with his brother, Tom, and current member Randy Bowen. Chris loves the Montreal Canadiens Hockey Club. His favourite song on the album is ‘She’s Gone’.

Randy Bowen - Guitar + Vocals

Randy grew up in Montreal and absorbed his musical influences through his older brothers. He spent much of his teenage years jamming with other musicians leading to the formation of See Spot Run. Randy loves hockey and baseball and misses his beloved Montreal Expos. His favourite song on the new album is ‘Finally’.

Aaron Little - Guitar + Vocals

Aaron got hooked on music after seeing a Guns’n Roses video and started playing guitar when he was 6 years old. He graduated with honours from Humber College and received a BA in Jazz Performance.  Aaron loves baseball and is a Toronto Blue Jays fan. His favourite song on the new album is ‘Take Everything’.

management: 905.325.1395

David Fudge - Drums + Vocals

David’s passion for drumming began at age 3 when he got his first set of drums. The son of musician parents, he was always around music and grew up on the sounds of eighties rap and Led Zeppelin. David was part of the Streetsville/Meadowvale music scene with such acts as Billy Talent. David graduated with honours from the Humber Music Performance program, is a computer programmer and enjoys pro wrestling. His favourite song on the new album is the title track ‘Pretty Holiday’.

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